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Before LocalCan, we would occasionally waste a lot of time troubleshooting virtual hosts or config files, which could behave in very odd and unexpected ways. Thanks to LocalCan, it has become as simple as flicking a switch, and we are ready to go in seconds, saving us a lot of potential headaches. When reaching out for support, we had immediate response and resolution within a day.
Yves from Datatim

How it works

Publish a domain to expose localhost project to a local network or the whole internet!

How it works

Publish a domain e.g. www.myapp.local from your MacBook, and it will be visible to all devices in your local network ⟶ pointing to your MacBook.

Unlimited local domains

Local domains .local are special top-level domains TLDs used in local or private networks. They are the most efficient way when you want to test your apps over https or on different devices connected to your Wi-Fi. You can publish unlimited number of .local domains on your local network.

Local domains in LocalCan app

Persistent Public URLs

Public URLs securely expose your localhost projects to the internet. It's an easy way to share them with your clients and stakeholders, test webhooks, OAuth integrations and more. All with a single click and persistent (static) URL address.

Local domains and persistent Public URLs
Coming in November

Inspect traffic & test webhooks

Examine network traffic of your apps from local domains and public URLs. Tests webhook functionality, replay, and replay with modifications to evaluate system responses and traffic integrity.

Inspect traffic & test webhooks

Although LocalCan is framework agnostic, it’s been fully tested with:

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Develop your apps with .local domains and persistent Public URLs

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