Public URLs


Public URLs allows local apps or websites to be accessible on the public internet. This is particularly useful when you want to test apps in a real-world setting, test webhooks, OAuth, or share work progress with clients, stakeholders or anyone outside your local network.

Public URLs on the domain are persistent, which means they don't change when you close the app or pause them.

Creating a Public URL

With a single click, you can create a Public URL. If you already have a local domain like api.myapp.local, the Public URL will appear as This URL directly connects to your local app.

Pausing and resuming

Public URLs have a pause and resume feature. If you pause your Public URL, it will become offline, but the URL will stay reserved for you for up to 7 days. You can do this through the pause and resume menu items.

Also, if you close LocalCan, your Public URLs are still reserved. You can switch off your computer, return after a few days, and resume the same Public URLs.


LocalCan integrates with Cloudflare Quick Tunnels to make it easier to create Public URLs for local apps. This integration removes the need to use the cloudflared CLI by hand. Cloudflare takes care of managing the Public URLs.

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