Reverse proxy


Reverse proxy server acts as an intermediary between client requests and your app or server. It receives incoming requests and forwards them to the appropriate destination based on your configuration.

LocalCan comes with a built-in reverse proxy server that allows you to handle HTTP and HTTPS connections including WebSockets support that are commonly used for hot-reloads in development mode e.g. by Next.js, Vite.js and others.

Notable benefits:

  • When using HTTPS, it automatically handles certificates to establish secure connection
  • It uses standard port numbers (80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS) meaning you don’t need to add these numbers when using the domain e.g. https://myapp.local will work.
  • You can use any target server and port. For example it’s possible to proxy https://myapp.local to which points to a different device (IP) and forwards the port to a different one, in this case 443 → 3000

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